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.NET REST Client for OrientDB.

This project aims to provide a .NET interoperability between .NET and OrientDB using REST.

The solution is organized in 2 projects:

  • NetOrientDB.ObjectModel
    This project contains the classes that represents the objects at the server.
  • NetOrientDB.HttpClient
    This project contains the classes who interacts with the server.

Version 0.1

Avaliable commands:

  • Connects to server and retrieves classes.
  • Disconnect.
  • Create documents.
  • Delete documents.
  • Update documents.
  • Get document by @rid.
  • Get documents for a particular class.
  • Get documents in a particular cluster.
  • Get document count for a particular class.
  • Execute SQL Query.
  • Execute SQL Command.

Know Limitations:

  • Can only manage primitive types for properties.
  • Poor support for linksets, linkmaps and other non primitive types properties.

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